Orsolya Balogh, DVM, PhD, DACT
Associate Professor, Theriogenology
Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Office phone: (540)231-6954

About the Balogh Lab

The primary research interest in the Balogh Lab is canine uterine inertia with primary focus on the underlying endocrine and molecular mechanisms of absent or insufficient labor contractions. The role of obesity on reproductive performance of bitches is also investigated. Further projects are centered around canine semen analysis and male infertility, and the effects of a slow-release GnRH agonist (deslorelin) on testicular and epididymal function. Studies on canine pregnancy and neonatology, female and male reproductive endocrinology, and ultrasonography of the female and male reproductive tract are also of great interest.  


Ongoing projects

  1. Canine dystocia: Understanding the functional alterations of uterine contractility in primary uterine inertia
  2. The role of obesity on reproductive performance of bitches
  3. Canine semen processing: optimizing centrifugation and concentration standards for cooled canine semen handling
  4. Testicular downregulation with a slow-release GnRH agonist (deslorelin) as a model of canine male infertility


  • Dr. Linda Müller, Department of Obstetrics and Food Animal Medicine Clinic, University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, Hungary
  • Dr. Aykut Gram, Department of Histology and Embryology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Erciyes University, Turkey
  • Dr. Julie T. Cecere, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Tech


  • Dr. Orsolya Balogh (PI)
  • Dr. Nicole Sugai (MS student and theriogenology resident)
  • Dr. Samantha McCarter (PhD Student)






  • Müller L, Kok E, Kollár E, Balogh O, Thuróczy J: Changes in serum leptin concentrations in relation to the oestrous cycle and body fat content in female dogs. Literature review and own data (in Hungarian). Magy Állato Lapja, 2019;141:411-424.




Please send an email to Dr. Balogh to inquire about current research opportunities