Proposal and funding resources

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies provides funding opportunities and proposal preparation resources for investigators. Resources are available on the VMCVM intranet (login required).

Core facilities and support services

The Analytical Chemistry Research Laboratory (pharmacology/toxicology) provides a variety of assays for qualitative and quantitative determination drugs, heavy metals, and toxicants (including pesticides), as well as capability for pharmacokinetic and toxicokinetic studies.


Dr. Jennifer Davis
Supervisor, Analytical Laboratory
Phone: 540-231-2192

McAlister Council-Troche
Manager, Analytical Laboratory
Phone: 540-231-4835

The Collaborative Multidisciplinary Research Laboratory (CMRL) provides research space, general and specialized laboratory equipment, and technical assistance for VMCVM clinical faculty to conduct basic or applied research in a shared lab setting. 


Michelle Todd
Laboratory Manager
Phone: 540-231-5095

The Flow Cytometry Laboratory provides the latest technologies in flow cytometry to enhance research.


Melissa Makris
Supervisor, Flow Cytometry Laboratory
Phone: 540-231-4115

Sterilization and Laboratory Support Services provides a constant supply of washed and sterilized glassware and plastics that are essential for research activities.


Andrea Renshaw
Laboratory Support Technician
Phone: 540-231-4829

The Study Design and Statistical Analysis Lab assists with design, planning, and implementation of research projects, data management and analysis, evaluation, and presentation of data and information.


Dr. Stephen Werre
Supervisor, Study Design and Statistical Analysis Lab
Phone: 540-231-3522


Major research equipment

The college's specialized facilities, equipment, and instrumentation enable multidisciplinary teams of college and Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students to conduct collaborative research to improve the lives of animals and people.

Clinical research support

The Veterinary Clinical Research Office offers assistance to investigators through proposal preparation and review; facilitating connections with internal and external collaborators; and serving as an initial point of contact for sponsors, owners, and other internal and external stakeholders. Learn more about the Clinical Research Office's investigator support.

ViTALS (Virginia Tech Animal Laboratory Services) offers a wide variety of scientific services in the broad areas of veterinary medicine to researchers at colleges on the Virginia Tech campus and to private industry customers outside the college.