Vaidehi Paranjape, Natalia Henao-Guerrero, Giulio Menciotti, All SACS and Siddharth Saksena VT Dept of Civil and Enviro Engineering have published  "Volumetric Evaluation of Fluid Responsiveness Using a Modified Passive Leg Raise Maneuver During Experimental Induction and Correction of Hypovolemia in Anesthetized Dogs" in Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia.

This study tested measured cardiac output changes to determine whether changing the leg position can help address episodes of low blood pressure in anesthetized dogs.

Paranjape is assistant professor of anesthesiology and pain management, Guerrero is service chief and associate professor of anesthesiology, and Menciotti is assistant professor of cardiology in the college's Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, which is led by department head Guerrero.