Vaidehi Paranjape, Andre C Shih, Fernando L Garcia-Pereira,  and Siddharth Saksena have published "Transpulmonary ultrasound dilution is an acceptable technique for cardiac output measurement in anesthetized pigs" in American Journal of Veterinary Research.

This study sought to evaluate cardiac output measurements using transpulmonary ultrasound (TPUD) technology and compare results with those of the gold standard, pulmonary arterial catheter thermodilution (PACTD), in 6 healthy anesthetized pigs during acute hemodynamic changes caused by manipulation of the blood volume. Results suggested that TPUD measurements have acceptable agreement with PACTD measurements. Moreover, TPUD exhibits promising potential in being used interchangeably with PACTD for future hemodynamic research involving swine as species of interest.

Paranjape, is an assistant professor of anesthesiology and pain management in the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences.