Samantha V. Palmer, Renata V. Ramos, and Roxanne M. Rodriguez Galarza have published "Clinical comparison of tear film breakup time measurements in normal dogs using three different methods of fluorescein solution administration" in Veterinary Ophthalmology.

In dogs, the precorneal tear film is a critical component of maintaining ocular surface health and visual clarity. Ophthalmologists use various methods to measure how quickly tear film breaks up in order to determine if the eye is functioning normally. Currently, there is variability in how veterinary ophthalmologists perform the tear film break up time (TFBUT) measurements.  

The purpose of this study was to determine whether the method of administration of fluorescein clinically affects TFBUT measurement. Researchers tested three common methods of measuring TFBUT and analyzed them for significant statistical differences. The current study did not find a significant difference between TFBUT for the three methods demonstrated.

Palmer is a former small animal intern, Ramos is clinical assistant professor in ophthalmology, and Galarza is a former clinical assistant professor of ophthalmology and service chief in the college's Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences.