Sean M. Lee, L. J. Sutherland, Barbara Fruth, Carson M. Murray, Elizabeth V. Lonsdorf, Keely Arbenz-Smith, Rafael Augusto, Sean Brogan, Stephanie L. Canington, Kevin C. Lee, Kate McGrath, Shannon C. McFarlin, and Gottfried Hohmann have published "In vivo deciduous dental eruption in LuiKotale bonobos and Gombe chimpanzees" in the American Journal of Biological Anthropology.

Recent advances in noninvasive photographic monitoring of living, wild apes have enabled researchers to characterize dental eruption in relatively healthy individuals under naturalistic conditions. The study reports data for an additional population of wild chimpanzees and the first dental eruption data for wild bonobos.

Arbenz-Smith, an administrative assistant in the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, performed the sample prep, histology, and image analysis for this paper.