The Electron Microscopy Laboratory supports teaching and research across the Virginia Tech community. The EM-Lab provides technical service and training in electron microscopy, we offer sample preparation of biological and non-biological specimens for scanning and transmission electron microscopy. Graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and principal investigators across Virginia Tech are frequent users of our services and facilities.


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LEICA EM UC & Untramicrotome

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SPI-DRY Critical Point Dryer (CPD)

Photo of the SPI MODULE Sputter Coater equipment.

SPI MODULE Sputter Coater

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JEOL-JEM-1400 Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

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ZEISS EVO 40 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)


VT Community       Non-VT Community
TEM specimen prep. of <4 $167.00   $267.00
TEM specimen prep. of 4<x<8 $283.00   $453.00
TEM specimen prep. of 4<x<12 $394.00   $630.00
SEM specimen prep. of <4 $122.00   $195.00
SEM specimen prep. of 4<x<8 $204.00   $326.00
SEM specimen prep. of 4<x<12 $295.00   $472.00
Thick-cut blocks (sample) $35.00   $61.00
Thin-cut blocks (sample) $37.00   $59.00
Negative staining (grid) $49.00   $78.00
TEM (h) self serve $74.00   $118.00
TEM staff assistance (h) $35.00   $56.00
TEM training (h) $35.00   $56.00
SEM (h) self serve $35.00   $56.00
SEM staff assistance (h) $35.00   $56.00
SEM training (h) $1.00   $1.00
Sputter coater (cycle) 1-6, 10mm sample $12.00   $19.00
Sputter coater (cycle)1 sample >10mm $12.00   $19.00
Critical point dryer (CPD) $77.00   $123.00
Fixative solution $18.00   $29.00
Staining solution $15.00   $24.00

Rates as of Feb. 2, 2022.

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Nathalie Becerra Mora
Laboratory Manager
Phone: 540-231-4811